Shahar Markus's works combine the mediums of performance, video and sculpture, and make use of organic, biodegradable materials. In this
The Curator Structured like a Hollywood trailer with rhythmical editing and multiple effects, Shahar Marcus's video piece depicts a curator's
"1,2,3,Herring" "1,2,3,Herring" video work, naming after the famous children game, presents the artist playing in front of three cardboard figure,
Homecoming artist In the video work home coming artist you can see the artist Shahar Marcus driving with his parents
Seeds The work “Seeds” explores the phenomenon of the buried mines that exist in Israel and the world over, exposing
Leap of faith The video leap of faith starts with a shot of the artist wearing a suit, standing on
Golda In this video we see the artist dressed up as Golda Meir, The only female prime minister of Israel
Homecoming artist (Dresden) In the video homecoming artist the artist Shahar Marcus driving with two young models at the back
King of Falafel The work "King of Falafel" is a continuation of Shahar Marcus’s video works that deal with Israeli cultural symbols,
  The orchard The Orchard video, shot among the orchard’s fruit-bearing trees, shows a small water basin dug in the
Frog Test In pre-ultrasound days, doctors determined whether a woman was pregnant through a "frog test". For this procedure, the
The Boxer בעבודה זו אני מתאגרף ומתאבק עם 100 קילו בצק. הבצק הינו חומר אורגני חי ונושם ומהווה פרטנר לפעולת
The bunker ב Bunker (2008) is an example of exploration of the material. The artist built a bunker made out
freeze In this video art  by Shahar Marcus two figures play chess with large chessmen made of ice. The passage
Soap Grenade בעבודת הוידאו "Soap grenade" נראה האמן מטפס על פסלו של אנילביץ', רוחץ ומסבן את גופו בתנועות איטיות, כמו
Still Burning The video presents a hybrid human figure: the bottom half is naked and the upper half is doe.
Still life Still-life work shows the artist as an integral part of fruit set on a table installation. The genre
The fathers have eaten sour grapes The video work "The fathers have eaten sour grapes"  bring together the prophecies of