Golda from shahar marcus on Vimeo.

In this video we see the artist dressed up as Golda Meir, The only female prime minister of Israel who was nominated in 1969.

The Kitchen is a term used in Israeli politics to describe the collection of senior officials, as a narrow forum of ‘Inner Security” group which decides on top secret security issues.

The first appearance of the term in Israel comes from the cooking activities associated with former Prime minister Golda Meir custom of calling such consultations at her home, in preparation for her full cabinet meetings the following day. Meir became known for her custom of serving the attendees with a cake that she had just baked, and thus the image of a debate around her kitchen table naturally arose

Standing in the small kitchen while baking a cake she gives a speech about the relationship between Israel and Arab states. The text is based on a speech she gave in 1969 called “peace among equals”.

The dissonance between the feminine act  and the aggressive speech creates disturbing moments in the kitchen.

Shahar Marcus