La Scala

Nezaket Ekici Shahar Marcus, La Scala

The video „la Scala “was shot in Rome. The artists walk on their knees, taking steps on the stairways like pilgrims do at the Santa Scala in Rome in order to get close to god and Jesus. In ancient times they mounted mirrors to their backs in order to reflect maria images into the sky. During middle ages, the pilgrim, once arrived the relic holy site, will take out of his robes a covered mirror. He will then revel it to reflect the relic then take it back home. When arriving to this land, he will then reveal again the mirror and reflect the holy vision he believed was kept in the relic. The artists return to this ancient tradition and collect the holy books while reflect their divinity to the sky. as they progress on their knees towards the church of Santa La Scala. The artists clean and incense outdated holy bibles on the red carpet, mounted on the stairway and incense them to bless outdated bibles.